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Young Cuban violinist dazzles Leoni Torres with a cover of “Mejor sin ti”

Source Periódico Cubano

The young violinist makes a cover of his song “Mejor Sin Ti” that impresses the singer and shares it on social networks.

Singer Leoni Torres was dazzled by the interpretation made by young Cuban violinist Marcos del Risco of his most recent song “Mejor Sin Ti”, a musical collaboration with the group Gente de Zona.

On his Instagram account, the renowned Camagüeyano – considered one of the most important figures in Cuban music – has shared a video of the young man playing the violin with great passion and fluency.

The material already has more than 15 thousand reproductions and it is no wonder. It is worth admiring the ease with which he manages to play a song like this with the violin, but it must really take time and dedication, and that is why Leoni Torres does not let it go unnoticed, publicly recognizing his great talent.

“Thank you Marcos for this version of #MejorSinTi,” Torres wrote in his publication, also tagging the musical group Gente de Zona.

The young man for his part responded that he was thrilled, as Leoni is his favorite artist. “Thank you so much for sharing, it’s always a pleasure to play your music,” he wrote.

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