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Marcos del Risco: the violin as a voice, popular music as a way

Source Alejandro Rojas for Radio Rebelde

Marcos del Risco is an artist studying at the University of the Arts in Cuba, and has already gone through each and every one of the schools that prepared him to get there. At an early age he started in elementary school with a violin and when his body had developed enough he chose the viola to make it his own. And he still studies it today.

However, life, new technologies and young restlessness led him to take up again, a year ago, his violin and make versions to popular music themes as a hobby at first, a little more serious with the opening of his YouTube channel.

Tomorrow we will release a new #podcast. Don’t forget. Marcos del Risco joined us this time to tell us about his formation and new paths. Check out his channel on @YouTube #CubaViolin and you know what to expect tomorrow#HappySunday #SundayMorning Alejandro Rojas ???????? (@alerojas_cu) July 28, 2019

Marcos is an emerging artist on the internet scene, we have enjoyed covers as diverse as Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”, the famous “Opening” from Game of Thrones and Cuban themes by Leoni Torres, Jacob Forever, Alex Duvall among others. A surprise, for him, was the version of “Runaways”, shared by Sebastian Yatra and Jonás Brothers in their networks, two of the interpreters of the theme that premiered this summer.

This #LunesIntratable let’s do it better with Marcos del Risco on @radiorebeldecu’s #podcast. The artist, currently a student at @ISA_University in viola, took up the violin again and presents us with a new product, adapting themes from the culture to his instrument#CubaEsCultura– Alejandro Rojas ???????? (@alerojas_cu) July 27, 2019

The proposal is to meet Marcos del Risco, a young artist from Cuba for this Summer 2019 where we propose new music and new ways for you to enjoy with Radio Rebelde podcast.

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