Game of Thrones

Cuban Marcos del Risco performs the soundtrack of Game of Thrones 8 in a spectacular way

ELIZABETH DÍAZ source for Cuba in Miami

The young Cuban musician Marcos del Risco has surrendered to the fever of the eighth season of one of HBO’s most successful television series, Game of Thrones or Game of Thrones in Spanish.

Del Risco with violin in hand has masterfully performed the soundtrack promoting the latest installment of the epic series, composed by Grammy-nominated Ramin Djawadi for the theme song for the film Iron Man (2008).

The Cuban has already surprised us with incredible covers, but as he explains on his YouTube channel, this has been one of his biggest challenges.

“This cover has been a challenge for me, I arranged it with 8 voices (for those who do not know music, you will hear at one point in the video 8 violins playing at the same time; although the main melody will always be in the foreground),” wrote the violinist.

“Such an epic track couldn’t be the same as my previous videos; it involved more effort on my part,” he added.

Followers of the artist have sent him their congratulations for the hard work he put into this track, with comments like, “Great dude!!!! This is a blast. I admire your talent”; “Congratulations, excellent job. Many successes are to come, give it your best”; “Great the truth, pure talent what you have and excellent art what you transmit.”

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